Thursday, April 10, 2014

The Guide-Like Blog

There are thousands, even millions of blogs around the word. Some of them are successful, some of them are useful, some of them are entertaining, but most of them are record of the life of someone. Based on the history, a blog is created to record something in the world wide web. Then it became a diary of someone and now it is used in so many ways.

A lot of authors use their blog for something. They don't intend to make money from it. But now, because a blog can make you money, a lot of people starts to create a blog and tries to make money from it. When they realize that a blog needs to have tons of traffic to make money, most of them quit. But some pursue to have their dream extra income.

If you look at the Google on the popular blogs around the world, you will notice that most of them are guide-like blog that help readers on something. These are good examples of blog that make tons of passive income. Most of them tell that they blog full-time. They make most of their income from their blog. It their living. Sounds good, right?

Blogs about tips on blogging are some of the most successful blogs. Others offer tips on something. In short these blogs are guide on doing something. So if you really want to make extra income other than what you're having in your day job, why don't you create a blog like these. If you already blogging about these, you may realize that competetion is difficult. Do not worry! Just keep it cool. Use your creative mind to make your blog unique to keep it away from the big boys on blogging.

Don't try to compete with them, just make your blog unique to have the advantage to them. Do you know the story about David and Goliath? The small man who fought with a Giant and won. Be that man on blogging. Look on the oppotunity not the negativity on your goals. So build a guide-like blog but make it unique so you won't compete with big blogs out there.

Guide-like blog components
These kind of blogs has different compoments on creating content on their blog. Most of them are in blog posts.

Directions - Some blogs give directions on something. So, you may see step by step directions on these blogs.

Procedures - Some blogs give the procedure on doing something. Procedures like how to fix something, how to cook something or the likes.

Links on each topic - Guide-like blogs are very informative. Sometimes, it is not enough to explain what they want in just one blog post. Often times, a link is needed to give more information on what they say.

Images - It's a lot easier for guide-like blogs to help their readers when they provide image. So most of the times, they provide images to make their content more understandable to their readers.

The Guide-like blog is a successful blog. Find where your passion is and then help your readers by guiding them using your blog. In return your blog will become a success.

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