Wednesday, April 16, 2014

How To Build Links On Your Blog Naturally?

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Sounds very common, right? If you are looking for ways on building links on your blog, you may already have visited websites and blogs that teach you how to build links in it. The search engines maybe also direct you here in this page because you are searching.

But wait? Why do you want to build links? Maybe you have read something out there that says having incoming links on your blog builds your search engine ranking. I have read too. And I have read tons of them. Some say that building links is the best way to have organic traffic coming in your blog. That's true. I have experienced that.

Many websites and blogs out there suggest you to do something or sometimes a lot of things to build links on your blog. Some of them is true but some of them may harm your ranking. You may be confused on which one to follow because you don't have any idea which one of them tells the truth. Well, I will share my experience. I assure you that this method is true and effective.

I have tried ways on how to build links on this blog. I have tried commenting and article marketing. But in some way, the ranking of this blog decreased. Not sure how. Then I began to have bad websites referring my blog. I then stopped doing the routine and just focus on creating the best content on my blog that i can. I was just surprised that my ranking increased ang I start to have more organic traffic coming in from search engines. I also got rid of those pesky referrers on my blog.

How I done it? By creating the best content on my blog that i can. Yes. I highly recommend you to just create the best content that you can in your blog. The links will build itself naturally and automatically. How? By having your audience share your content. It's more than enough than wasting your time in doing methods that has no assurance of your link ranking growth.

For beginners
If you're just starting, your blog's link popularity is zero. Therefore, no assured traffic yet. I highly recommend you to create the best content that you can from the very beginning. Do not rush! Link ranking does not increase immediately. It will take time, months and even years to start having good ranking and good amount of organic traffic  coming from search engines as well.

What you can do to start having readers on your blog is to share every useful content that you create in each blog posts. Google plus your page whenever you post a new blog post in your blog. You can also comment on other blogs. But commenting takes a lot of time right now. Also, most of blogs now use other commenting tools that does not allow to increase your ranking by leaving your blog link.

However, you can still use blog commenting to inrease the chance of having the author and its readers to visit your blog and read it. Just leave the most valuable comment that you can. As a blog author, I examine the comments on my blog first before I publish them. If a comment is nothing but a self promoting spam like comment, I don't publish them. I feel sorry for those people who do that because they are wasting a lot of their precious time promoting their website, blog or their product.

How creating great content attract natural incoming link?

Imagine you have a great blog post about fixing a problem in a cellphone. If that post solves the problem, the reader might bookmark it as a guide on fixing his cellphone. If that reader wants to share your content to his friend online. He might share a link of your page. If that reader is a blogger as well and want to share your content, he might add your page link as reference. If a reader read your blog and is an active forum user, your page link will probably added on a forum website to show your solution.

If a business man who have a blog read a blog post of you that contain business tips, it might be shared on a blog post of that business man. If you provide a great image that is informative, a reader might share that image in social networking sites.

Those are only some of the possibilities on how you will create incoming links to your blog naturally. It's sure that there will be more possibilities out there.

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