Wednesday, April 16, 2014

How To Build Links On Your Blog Naturally?

The awesome writer
Sounds very common, right? If you are looking for ways on building links on your blog, you may already have visited websites and blogs that teach you how to build links in it. The search engines maybe also direct you here in this page because you are searching.

But wait? Why do you want to build links? Maybe you have read something out there that says having incoming links on your blog builds your search engine ranking. I have read too. And I have read tons of them. Some say that building links is the best way to have organic traffic coming in your blog. That's true. I have experienced that.

Many websites and blogs out there suggest you to do something or sometimes a lot of things to build links on your blog. Some of them is true but some of them may harm your ranking. You may be confused on which one to follow because you don't have any idea which one of them tells the truth. Well, I will share my experience. I assure you that this method is true and effective.

I have tried ways on how to build links on this blog. I have tried commenting and article marketing. But in some way, the ranking of this blog decreased. Not sure how. Then I began to have bad websites referring my blog. I then stopped doing the routine and just focus on creating the best content on my blog that i can. I was just surprised that my ranking increased ang I start to have more organic traffic coming in from search engines. I also got rid of those pesky referrers on my blog.

How I done it? By creating the best content on my blog that i can. Yes. I highly recommend you to just create the best content that you can in your blog. The links will build itself naturally and automatically. How? By having your audience share your content. It's more than enough than wasting your time in doing methods that has no assurance of your link ranking growth.

For beginners
If you're just starting, your blog's link popularity is zero. Therefore, no assured traffic yet. I highly recommend you to create the best content that you can from the very beginning. Do not rush! Link ranking does not increase immediately. It will take time, months and even years to start having good ranking and good amount of organic traffic  coming from search engines as well.

What you can do to start having readers on your blog is to share every useful content that you create in each blog posts. Google plus your page whenever you post a new blog post in your blog. You can also comment on other blogs. But commenting takes a lot of time right now. Also, most of blogs now use other commenting tools that does not allow to increase your ranking by leaving your blog link.

However, you can still use blog commenting to inrease the chance of having the author and its readers to visit your blog and read it. Just leave the most valuable comment that you can. As a blog author, I examine the comments on my blog first before I publish them. If a comment is nothing but a self promoting spam like comment, I don't publish them. I feel sorry for those people who do that because they are wasting a lot of their precious time promoting their website, blog or their product.

How creating great content attract natural incoming link?

Imagine you have a great blog post about fixing a problem in a cellphone. If that post solves the problem, the reader might bookmark it as a guide on fixing his cellphone. If that reader wants to share your content to his friend online. He might share a link of your page. If that reader is a blogger as well and want to share your content, he might add your page link as reference. If a reader read your blog and is an active forum user, your page link will probably added on a forum website to show your solution.

If a business man who have a blog read a blog post of you that contain business tips, it might be shared on a blog post of that business man. If you provide a great image that is informative, a reader might share that image in social networking sites.

Those are only some of the possibilities on how you will create incoming links to your blog naturally. It's sure that there will be more possibilities out there.

Thursday, April 10, 2014

The Guide-Like Blog

There are thousands, even millions of blogs around the word. Some of them are successful, some of them are useful, some of them are entertaining, but most of them are record of the life of someone. Based on the history, a blog is created to record something in the world wide web. Then it became a diary of someone and now it is used in so many ways.

A lot of authors use their blog for something. They don't intend to make money from it. But now, because a blog can make you money, a lot of people starts to create a blog and tries to make money from it. When they realize that a blog needs to have tons of traffic to make money, most of them quit. But some pursue to have their dream extra income.

If you look at the Google on the popular blogs around the world, you will notice that most of them are guide-like blog that help readers on something. These are good examples of blog that make tons of passive income. Most of them tell that they blog full-time. They make most of their income from their blog. It their living. Sounds good, right?

Blogs about tips on blogging are some of the most successful blogs. Others offer tips on something. In short these blogs are guide on doing something. So if you really want to make extra income other than what you're having in your day job, why don't you create a blog like these. If you already blogging about these, you may realize that competetion is difficult. Do not worry! Just keep it cool. Use your creative mind to make your blog unique to keep it away from the big boys on blogging.

Don't try to compete with them, just make your blog unique to have the advantage to them. Do you know the story about David and Goliath? The small man who fought with a Giant and won. Be that man on blogging. Look on the oppotunity not the negativity on your goals. So build a guide-like blog but make it unique so you won't compete with big blogs out there.

Guide-like blog components
These kind of blogs has different compoments on creating content on their blog. Most of them are in blog posts.

Directions - Some blogs give directions on something. So, you may see step by step directions on these blogs.

Procedures - Some blogs give the procedure on doing something. Procedures like how to fix something, how to cook something or the likes.

Links on each topic - Guide-like blogs are very informative. Sometimes, it is not enough to explain what they want in just one blog post. Often times, a link is needed to give more information on what they say.

Images - It's a lot easier for guide-like blogs to help their readers when they provide image. So most of the times, they provide images to make their content more understandable to their readers.

The Guide-like blog is a successful blog. Find where your passion is and then help your readers by guiding them using your blog. In return your blog will become a success.

Sunday, April 6, 2014

Use Basic And Understandable Language To Your Blog

Image of different language from different people.

It's good thing that there's international language that we can use to write in our blog. There are billions of people around the world. Thousands of audience is more than enough to have a better passive income from blogging. So if you're passionate about something, make sure that you deliver your words where your audience can easily understand them.

A lot of people say that making money from blogging is like making coins to buy yourself chewing gums. That is what they thought maybe because that is what they earn. But if you just think that you can make huge amount of extra income, you can make it. Passion and patience is all you need to increase traffic on your blog. That's why you should have a circle of audience.

You may wonder how other people make their blog successful even if their language is not that good. It's because they deliver their lanuguage that their audience understand. You don't have to be super expert on the international language, just the basic is fine. What more important is what you can offer to your readers.

So you don't have to use words that are hard to understand just to make yourself look smart or expert. Expertism is based on the experience that you have. So it's always good to use basic language to share your experience. Don't spoil the great experience that you can share by using words that are hard to understand or needs to be Googled.

This tip on writing content on your blog ends here. Use basic language to your blog that makes your readers stay much longer in it.

Saturday, April 5, 2014

Super Easy Way To Get Readers To Your Blog

Easy and hard way image. Where do you want to go on writing content?

Having readers to your blog looks hard for beginners. Sometimes it leads them to do frustrating ways on getting readers that make most of them quit on writing content on their blog. The truth is you can't do it overnight. It will take time to make your blog popular.

The easiest way that I found to get readers to your blog is to write great content. What? Yes, that's the easiest way to get a lot of daily readers to your blog. You may notice that I always advice you to write the greatest content that you can in your blog. It's because it is the only way to attract readers that I found effective.

There are millions of potential readers to your blog everyday. So why waste your time finding ways to increase your blog traffic? Instead, create the most informative, helpful and useful content in your blog and let the search engines do the work on finding readers on it. It's more effective, you got to trust me on this.

You may get thousands of readers on sharing your content to social sharing sites. But sometimes, you'll found yourself spending a lot of your time sharing your content than creating a good one. You want automatic traffic, don't you? So let's turn your dream to reality. Create the best content that you can. It will automate traffic on your blog. How?

If you have great content that makes a reader say "wow!", it will increase the chance of having that reader bookmark your page. If the reader does, it will generate traffic on your blog every time that reader reads it. If that reader found your content helpful to someone, it will increase the chance of having your page content to be shared on some website that will generate another source of traffic on your blog.

Having your readers bookmark and share your content will create passive traffic on your blog. This will make your blog popular on the internet. When you got good enough popularity, search engines will do most of the job on finding readers on your blog. Don't worry about a reader would probably not share your content. What's more important is you helped that reader by your blog content. Don't worry, be happy.

Creating great content may sound difficult to others. The truth is, it would only be difficult if you think it is. Otherwise, it will be super easy.

Friday, April 4, 2014

Writing Is Like Singing

Leona Lewis, a popular singer.

The theme
A good song is the one that catches the heart of the audience. Same is true on writing. If you catch the heart of your audience, your writing is good. The theme is what your topic is about. It's what you're writing for. It's where you are expert with. Choose the theme of your writing very well to have a great content.

The tone
It is your voice. Of course on writing your physical voice is absent. It will reflect on your writing. How you speak to your audience is where your voice is heard. In singing a good voice quality is what the audience appreciate. In writing, the way you speak to your audience is what makes their heart sing.

The lyrics
It's just the same with the theme. This are the actual words in your song. In writing, your content is the lyrics.

The audience
Your audience are of course your readers. Make them read your content is where you sing. What your audience like is critical. You should decide whether you write for your audience or write the things that you want. If you write what you want and your audience like it, you're on the right path.

The mic
Your writing material. Maybe your keyboard is your material in wiritng. Do you still use pen to write great content on your blog? Let's cut it here.

The practice
Is where you improve yourself. You should do these tons of times. Sing and sing and sing and sing if you want to be a good singer. Write and write and write if you want to be a good writer. Don't mind your profession, or your business, or your status in life. Just write if you really like writing.\

Now if you're having trouble about writing, then you should think twice if writing is really your passion or you just want to write and make money from it. Writing for money is the hard way to write. Writing for passion is the easiest way to write. Where do you want to put yourself?

The fruits
The fruits of good writing and singing are the same. Gold and happiness.

Bottom line
Passion on something is the most important thing to succeed. If writing is for you, it will naturally come out. Now if writing isn't for you, you better think twice. Always be happy on what you do. If you found your self unhappy, it is not for you. Trust me.

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Tips On Creating Content 100% From Your Mind

If you're already an expert on what you write, you can craft content from your mind alone. All you have to do is to free your mind in all the distractions that comes on your way. Just write free. Don't worry about anything, just let it all out.

smart and beautiful
smart people. image from ny daily news
Summarize your content
If you're going to write a blog post, it would be a lot easier for you to create a great content when you summarize it. You'll save time, you'll write more easier and you're going to feed your readers with the knowledge that you share more effectively.

Your writing will also have a direction that will end up to a successful blog post. Of course you got to focus on useful content so it will have more benefit in search results. You're going to help your readers and they will unconsciously help you back by sharing and visiting your content.

Write freely on each topic
Don't worry about anything, just focus on discussing the useful stuff on each topic that you summarize for your blog post. This way, you're going to save a lot of time and energy on writing great articles in your blog. Avoid perfectionism. There is a saying that the first draft will always be a trash. Soon that trash will turn into gold.

When you're done, clean your content
After writing the content that comes from your mind, it's time to go back and correct the things that you need to correct. spelling, grammatical error or anything.

Monday, January 20, 2014

In Writing Content, Bite-size It

Writing content on your blog seems difficult if you're out of mood on writing. We'll the first thing that you must do is to put your self in mood. Don't write if you feel bad. Have a fresh air outside first and do some recreational activities that will make you feel good. It will result to even more effective content.

bite-size cupcake image
bite-size cupcake from mbit
Now if you're in the mood, it will be easy for you to create your content. But if you still feel uneasy, here's a simple tip for you. Bite-size it. It will be a lot easier for you to write the content that you want for your readers to read. Here are some strategies that Blogspot Mastery use on writing great content that makes readers come back for more:

Write down your topics
In would be a lot easier to write down the whole content of the blog post if it is divided into parts. Write down the topics that you want to discuss in your content before you write. The benefits are much easier writing, much understandable content, much topic focused content and much satisfied readers.

Write down what to discuss on each topic
It will save a lot of your time. Especially when you discuss long discussions on your blog. Writing down your discussion will make it easier for you to say what you really want to say. It will also make your content sound natural unlike when you're forcing something to come out of you.

Check the internet for more valuable content
Sometimes, only sometimes, your knowledge is not enough to discuss something. Always look for related content in the internet so you can come up with something new. Always write down your content naturally in your own words. Avoid writing similar or even a little bit similar content to others. Originally always wins. Just find idea what to write and then express yourself to your readers.

Write it in your own free writing style
Your writing styles matters most in writing. People can read tons of content out there but your content has something that they can't have in others. Always be yourself when you write. People will always look for something they like rather than something else.