Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Everyone Has Mind Palace, Use Yours In Writing Content

The human mind palace. Thinking in progress. image from Fooyoh

The power of the mind palace
Solving problem, making a plan, studying for exam or even in writing content, your mind palace is the most effective tool that you can use on completing your goal. This is also known as the method of loci or the memory palace which was a mnemonic device back on ancient Greek generation.

Picture images in your mind
It's nice to know that you can still take advantage of the power of the loci method in creating content. One of the procedures in doing it is to picture images in your mind. You will be able to write what you want and make your readers read your content more effectively.

This time you'll do it quickly. You don't have to use pen and paper to write down what you extract on your brainstorming activities. You can just open your computer and then use a notepad to write down what you see in your mind palace.

To do the brainstorming. First you have to decide what topic to write. The title of the topic. Just a single word works fine. Then extract all the things that is related to that word in your mind and then write it down in your notepad. You just done with the brainstorming and you now have ideas on what to write about.

Think fast
Do brainstorming and picturing images fast and then write down the things that comes from your mind. Write on each topic to make the whole content complete. Still, do quick brainstorming to make your content information rich and make your writing more easier.

Write it all down
Complete your content, check correction and then publish it.

Sunday, April 27, 2014

How To Be The Best Blogger In Town?

I've been thinking about the popular bloggers in a country. How did they do it? How they became popular and started making a living by just blogging on their blog. Some of them are featured in Google Adsense Insider as one of the highest earners in the company.

Most of them started a website a decade ago. From scratch, they build their website until it became popular. It's sure that there are struggles they dealt with. But what matters is they don't give up. I also noticed that the more useful your website is, the higher it earns. But the same is true when it comes on unique visitors that if you have thousands of unique visits, you earn big.

How to be the best blogger in town?
It's smaller goal than being popular in a country. So how? Should you be using free hosted blog? Maybe yes but it will take long unlike having self hosted blog which can make you popular faster than the other one. The challenge is to make the most useful content on it as you can.

One of the most reasons why popular bloggers became popular is they are consistent on blogging. Whatever challenges they face, they don't give up. Whenever they feel hopeless, they don't give up. They are just consistent on building great content.

It will take long. It's not an overnight activity. Make your patience longer. Maybe 10x longer or more. Just do not struggle too much, relax and be patient.

Find you passion. Find where you're good at. Sometimes, you just have to find your passion in order to succeed.

Saturday, April 26, 2014

Ideas To Write About This Summer 2014

Summer fashion - Hairstyles, glasses, beach shirt, bikini, accessories, and anything fashion related about summer. These would be a great ideas to write about this summer.

Summer foods - Refreshing food and drinks would be a great idea to write about this summer. This will be helpful on both consumer and business men.

Beach to go - Share you summer vacation. Share pictures of the beaches you've been and tell something about it. Your readers would love to hear your stories about the beach because they might go there soon.

Hotels and resorts to check in - This will be helpful to us all. There are so many hotels and resorts that are fully booked today. If you think there are still places to check in, your readers will be pleased to hear that from your blog.

Events - There will be a lot of events coming this summer. Inform your readers and help the event organizers by writing about it in your blog.

Celebrities - Celebrities, celebrities, celebrities. There are just always on top of the searches on this internet. If you have ideas on what are those popular celebrities will do this summer, inform your readers. They will be delighted to read it.

Thursday, April 24, 2014

Catch The Passerby Reader In Your Blog

If you look on your stats, there are times that you see a website that refer your blog. These websites usually made a link on their website to your blog. It can be any type of website. But what matters is they link your blog. And it will help your blog's search ranking to go up.

Why website owners link your blog?
There are so many reason why a website links your website to your blog.
1. They are using your blog as a reference - These websites maybe like your blog, content rich and is conveying something that you tackle in your blog. To make their content trust worthy to readers, they are using trust worthy blogs such as yours as their reference.

2. They like your content - Some websites and blogs out there use link list of their favorite websites. Maybe they want to give you a little gift by adding you on their link list because of the effort you do on sharing helpful information in your blog.

3. They want their readers to get the most of helpful information - These website owners are not audience greedy. If they found something useful that will make their audience healthier, they will provide its link without worrying on their audience to leave their website and be redirected to the link. 

We should treat these website owners with respect and thank them in any way that we can.

There are so many more reasons why website owners link your blog from their website. You'll notice that they are sending readers to our blog. Some of these readers might be interested on our articles but some of them are just passerby. We should not waste a passerby in our blog. We can catch them by providing a good content.

A passerby could turn to loyal reader if they will like what we write about. It still nice to optimize our blog content to catch these kind of readers. How?

Provide eye catching image
Images are powerful thing to catch a passerby visitor. The first thing that they will saw when they land on our blog is the top most of our content. If you provide eye catching image, the visitor will probably read the caption in it.

Have a unique writing style
If you're searching something on the internet, you notice that most of websites and blog's writing style are just ordinary, sometimes too formal. It bores you. What catches your attention is a website or blog that has unique writing style. Sometimes of your too busy searching , you'll just found yourself reading the blog and you enjoy it. Adopt this kind of writing.

Offer something that only you can give
It's hard to resist offers from website owners. If a passerby reader landed on your blog unintentionally and sees an offer that only you can give, for example free guest post, which are rarely offered today, the passerby reader might get interested in your offer. The reader will then read your blog and will probably be a loyal reader of it.

Every reader in your log must be treated special. So as much as you can, make the most useful content that your readers need for you to keep that reader loyal to your blog. Life is short, someday when you became popular, don't make people remember the way you die. Instead, make people remember the way you live.

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

The Scanner Type Of Reader

Lady scanning a cute little white pig using a magnifying glass.
There are so many readers out there who are using the internet just to find ideas on websites and blogs. They don't have much time to read the entire page or blog post. They just quick scan the content to find what they are looking for. If they found something, the quick read a paragraph to further get information. If the reader couldn't find information because the page doesn't have heading or has large blocks of paragraphs, the reader leaves.

A scanner type of reader could turn to regular reader if he find helpful information on your blog. The challenge now is how to catch that scanner type of reader and become a regular visitor of your blog. The first thing that catches the eyes of the reader is your page title. Is your page title direct to the point? Is it catchy? Or is it complicated?

Just try to search something in Google. You can see that page titles are usually short in length. So if your page title is long, it might incompletely appear on the search results. So keep the page title of your blog post short and direct to the point. That is one of the most crucial thing to attract a scanner type of reader. It is also a way to win competition to other websites. Even if you're not in the first page of the search results but your title is direct to the point, you might win the searcher.

Sub titles and page heads
Another thing that catches the eyes of scanner type reader are sub titles and page heads.

It is important to have page heads in your paragraphs. Quick readers just look for this. For example your page is about solving something. Which is better, reading the whole page or scan the page heads? Of course you're going to just scan the page heads. Who wants to read the whole post when they only need a little information?

Divide page body to small paragraphs
This is another way to attract fast readers. It's more easier to read small paragraphs than large block of paragraphs. Therefore, a reader might read your content and then just bookmark it for more thorough reading later. So it's much better to divide your paragraphs in small portions.

Direct to the point content
If your content provides helpful information, avoid adding unnecessary things in your blog post. If you think that your blog post will attract more readers when it had a lot of words, you're absolutely wrong. You're just going to bore your reader. And it will increase the chance of having that reader leave your blog. So be direct to the point always.

Always provide images
Some images worth thousands of words. When a reader scan your content, even without reading just looking at the images, it might satisfy him. If you write about solving a problem, its much better to provide images. Sometimes a reader is too lazy to read, they just look on images. You will win them by providing images.

When you cath the attention of the scanner type of reader, there will be a lot of growth opportunity for your blog. You may not know who that quick reader, what if that is a webmaster who has popular website and add your link as reference? That will be another great source of incoming link.

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

How To Build Links On Your Blog Naturally?

The awesome writer
Sounds very common, right? If you are looking for ways on building links on your blog, you may already have visited websites and blogs that teach you how to build links in it. The search engines maybe also direct you here in this page because you are searching.

But wait? Why do you want to build links? Maybe you have read something out there that says having incoming links on your blog builds your search engine ranking. I have read too. And I have read tons of them. Some say that building links is the best way to have organic traffic coming in your blog. That's true. I have experienced that.

Many websites and blogs out there suggest you to do something or sometimes a lot of things to build links on your blog. Some of them is true but some of them may harm your ranking. You may be confused on which one to follow because you don't have any idea which one of them tells the truth. Well, I will share my experience. I assure you that this method is true and effective.

I have tried ways on how to build links on this blog. I have tried commenting and article marketing. But in some way, the ranking of this blog decreased. Not sure how. Then I began to have bad websites referring my blog. I then stopped doing the routine and just focus on creating the best content on my blog that i can. I was just surprised that my ranking increased ang I start to have more organic traffic coming in from search engines. I also got rid of those pesky referrers on my blog.

How I done it? By creating the best content on my blog that i can. Yes. I highly recommend you to just create the best content that you can in your blog. The links will build itself naturally and automatically. How? By having your audience share your content. It's more than enough than wasting your time in doing methods that has no assurance of your link ranking growth.

For beginners
If you're just starting, your blog's link popularity is zero. Therefore, no assured traffic yet. I highly recommend you to create the best content that you can from the very beginning. Do not rush! Link ranking does not increase immediately. It will take time, months and even years to start having good ranking and good amount of organic traffic  coming from search engines as well.

What you can do to start having readers on your blog is to share every useful content that you create in each blog posts. Google plus your page whenever you post a new blog post in your blog. You can also comment on other blogs. But commenting takes a lot of time right now. Also, most of blogs now use other commenting tools that does not allow to increase your ranking by leaving your blog link.

However, you can still use blog commenting to inrease the chance of having the author and its readers to visit your blog and read it. Just leave the most valuable comment that you can. As a blog author, I examine the comments on my blog first before I publish them. If a comment is nothing but a self promoting spam like comment, I don't publish them. I feel sorry for those people who do that because they are wasting a lot of their precious time promoting their website, blog or their product.

How creating great content attract natural incoming link?

Imagine you have a great blog post about fixing a problem in a cellphone. If that post solves the problem, the reader might bookmark it as a guide on fixing his cellphone. If that reader wants to share your content to his friend online. He might share a link of your page. If that reader is a blogger as well and want to share your content, he might add your page link as reference. If a reader read your blog and is an active forum user, your page link will probably added on a forum website to show your solution.

If a business man who have a blog read a blog post of you that contain business tips, it might be shared on a blog post of that business man. If you provide a great image that is informative, a reader might share that image in social networking sites.

Those are only some of the possibilities on how you will create incoming links to your blog naturally. It's sure that there will be more possibilities out there.

Thursday, April 10, 2014

The Guide-Like Blog

There are thousands, even millions of blogs around the word. Some of them are successful, some of them are useful, some of them are entertaining, but most of them are record of the life of someone. Based on the history, a blog is created to record something in the world wide web. Then it became a diary of someone and now it is used in so many ways.

A lot of authors use their blog for something. They don't intend to make money from it. But now, because a blog can make you money, a lot of people starts to create a blog and tries to make money from it. When they realize that a blog needs to have tons of traffic to make money, most of them quit. But some pursue to have their dream extra income.

If you look at the Google on the popular blogs around the world, you will notice that most of them are guide-like blog that help readers on something. These are good examples of blog that make tons of passive income. Most of them tell that they blog full-time. They make most of their income from their blog. It their living. Sounds good, right?

Blogs about tips on blogging are some of the most successful blogs. Others offer tips on something. In short these blogs are guide on doing something. So if you really want to make extra income other than what you're having in your day job, why don't you create a blog like these. If you already blogging about these, you may realize that competetion is difficult. Do not worry! Just keep it cool. Use your creative mind to make your blog unique to keep it away from the big boys on blogging.

Don't try to compete with them, just make your blog unique to have the advantage to them. Do you know the story about David and Goliath? The small man who fought with a Giant and won. Be that man on blogging. Look on the oppotunity not the negativity on your goals. So build a guide-like blog but make it unique so you won't compete with big blogs out there.

Guide-like blog components
These kind of blogs has different compoments on creating content on their blog. Most of them are in blog posts.

Directions - Some blogs give directions on something. So, you may see step by step directions on these blogs.

Procedures - Some blogs give the procedure on doing something. Procedures like how to fix something, how to cook something or the likes.

Links on each topic - Guide-like blogs are very informative. Sometimes, it is not enough to explain what they want in just one blog post. Often times, a link is needed to give more information on what they say.

Images - It's a lot easier for guide-like blogs to help their readers when they provide image. So most of the times, they provide images to make their content more understandable to their readers.

The Guide-like blog is a successful blog. Find where your passion is and then help your readers by guiding them using your blog. In return your blog will become a success.